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* ARTIST STATEMENT by TamaraLeeNiemi:

     In business as AquariusArtGallery.Net & previously as AquariusArtVentures, since 2007, my Art & Photography is sold as ART, via website mail-order; & at Vendor Markets, & at Galleries & Gift Stores; as well as featured on Art NoteCards & PostCards, which are available as a School FundRaising Product.  


   I Paint with acrylics & oils, since 1989, when I studied Painting at VW School of Painting, with Vibul Wonprasat, Teacher/Artist/Owner.   Since my childhood I've enjoyed being a Photographer while traveling & special occasions.  Since the birth of my son, Zachary, I've been inspired to take photos to document his life.  I enjoy being an Artist & Photographer, & a creative person.

     Currently on sale @:

*ISLAND BOOKS&CRAFTS, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan;

*Pam's Pickins Collectibles @ Pioneer Square Mall, Ishpeming.

*CanyonMail & More, SandCanyonPlaza, LosAngeles, CALIF

* Cheyenne Artists Guild Gift Shop, Wyoming

*CBD Shoppe @ Walmart Plaza, Green Bay, WI

   My son Zachary BL Niemi is a Featured Photographer & assisted me, working on OasisGallery Exhibits & as a Vendor as well. Zachary's photography won in 2 contests: North of the 45th Parallel & MACC, & was featured at the Huron Gallery & Oasis Gallery Sale. He is a KUP Band Drummer & produced a music CD, KUP, featuring original songs, such as Naked Beach. He is a Guitarist, Actor & College Graduate, as well as Married father of three children: Finn, Liza & Calzachary Niemi.


    Vendor @ The Westwood Mall,  Jackson Mine Market, TV6 Superior Dome

& Marquette Farmers&Artists Market,  RenaissanceFaire, Glendale Library Market.

   I was a Curator at Oasis Gallery in Marquette Michigan 2010-2012. As a Featured Artist @ TheOasis, my art show was entitled "Dreaming". My paintings were also on exhibit @"The Curators Show 2011" & "Snapshots"; HolidaySale.

In 2015, I painted 20 new paintings using the theme of "Scenes from My Life." Most have adapted twists & people in them. I use colorful paint schemes & both acrylic & oil paint.

   In some paintings there is a resemblance to a famous person, which is coincidental & paranormal, & very interesting...I've found this phenomenon when painting using an abstract scrunch-blot method as well. Faces appear in the paint formations; it is mysterious!

   I enjoy traveling & taking pictures to remember/document & as Art. In 2015, I took a Road Trip to sightsee & photograph the beautiful scenery along the West Coast in Oregon & Malibu, & at Yellowstone National Park, & more.

Aquarius Art Gallery.Net U.P. Postcard Sets are available as a School Fundraising item! I worked as a Fundraising Sales Representative in Los Angeles in the past, which sparked this great business idea!





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