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Art Postcard or Notecards  *  FundRaiser Opportuknity

Hello School Group Leaders, Coaches, & FundRaising Specialists~! Is your team seeking a cool, unique, fun & new FundRaiser...which is very profitable?

*Try our Art PostCard Sets; now available to use as a School Team, Club or Church Group Fundraiser; Or the Art Note Cards are also available.

*The Student Team Members take orders & collect payment up front of $20.00 per set. You place your order & send in a check or money order. We will ship your Art PostCards or NoteCards to you & your Team delivers them to each Customer! It's that excellent product to work with.

*Your group SELECTs from this ENTIRE WEBSITE which of the Photography Art or ArtPosters you would like to use in YOUR FUNDRAISER...Postcard &/or NoteCard Sets! Your Team Keeps 30% profit...that is $7.PER SET  SOLD!

*NEW***Mini Art Posters are now available to sell as a School FundRaiser, as well! You select a Variety of 5 art posters to sell, and the rest is the same as stated above. Selling price is $20. per Art Poster.

Send Us an Email to get started to:



***You might like to choose from these 3 pre-selected sets of artwork to use in your Postcard or Notecard FundRaiser...

1. Set #1 * ArtPosters of Paintings & 2 Photography Posters. 

1. Special Date

2. Café 3. Best Friends

4. Young American Couple

5. GoldCoast of Oregon, Photography, as shown.

6. Magical Forest - Painting

 7. Abandoned Telephone Booth - Painting

 8. Sunrise@LakeSuperior - Photography

9. BeautifulFlowers - Photography

10. Mother & Child​

1. Set #2

1. Gold Beach Oregon Coast* (as shown)

2. Rocks at OregonCoast

3. OregonCoastView&Daisies 


 5. Storybook Redwood Tree

 6. SantaMonidaP ier &People

7. Chapel of ForestLawn Mortuary of LosAngeles

8. GeorgeWashington -Statue

9. Blue FerrisWheel at Pier 10. Bird & Seagulls

1. Set #3

1. QuaintCanal   

2.SummerOnTheBay, (Art Poster of a Painting, as shown)



5. PureJoy/ElephantRide

6. MalibuCanyonParty* (as shown)

7. CarriageRideAtNight

8. MalibuMansion

9. Escanaba River Camp

10. MiddleOfTheRoad

Sunrise@LakeSuperiorStateForest Beach, Photography poster by TamaraLeeNiemi.

GrandSableDunes (sand formation) @ Grand Marais, Michigan, Photography poster, by TamaraLeeNiemi.

12 MileBeach, of Grand Marais, Michigan's UpperPeninsula, Photography poster by ZacharyBLNiemi.


To ORDER: CALL 906.235.5735 VOICEMAIL or


 We Will Work With Your Coaches, Teams & Send Order Forms~!



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