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TamaraLeeNiemi, Artist/Owner/President @ AquariusArtVentures.netPlease send your ArtPoster Order, With Check or Money Order payment via

US Mail to: c/o TamaraLeeNiemi, President

122 Rock Street*POBox576

Negaunee, Michigan 49866



*Set of 10 U.P. (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan Postcards @ $20.00, includes shipping.

*Set of 10 "Historical Downtown Negaunee,Michigan" Postcards, in a Colorized style, or Realistic @ $20.00, includes shipping.

*Postcard Sets & NoteCards are available as a School Fundraiser Item. The Postcard Sets feature photos that you select from the website! This is a fun fundraiser product to sell! 

*8x10 Art Poster, Framed, $65.00, plus Shipping ($10.), $75.00.

 *Mini Sets of 3 Photos, Framed 4x6 size. Venice Beach & U.P. of Michigan, Chinatown & more @ $45.00, plus Shipping ($10.), $55.00.

*Set of 2 Photos, Framed 4x6 size, $35.00, plus Shipping ($10.), $45.00.

* Single Mini Photos, 4x6, or 5x7 sizes, Framed, $20.00, plus Shipping ($5.), $25.00.

*Set of 5 Los Angeles Chinatown Framed Photos, $250.00, plus Shipping ($25.), $275.00.

*Photo Sessions start at $300.00. Please send an email for more information.

*Portrait painting is $350.00. Send 2-3 photos with your request, & I will paint your portrait & mail it to you.

Portrait Painting "Loretta", 2017,

by TamaraLeeNiemi..

"Brian & Loretta" portrait painting example, by Artist, TamaraLeeNiemi. 

"TamaraLeeNiemi" self portrait painting by the Artist., example.

 *All Sales Final/No Refunds.

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